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This is a design of Chinese lion with peony flowers. Glossy black Komons or Japanese fine patterns, emphasize casual chic. Poem on the chest says that there is nothing to disturb liberty of our mind. Be more simple! Be more stylish!

Our T-shirt is 100% Japanese, through and through. We use soft yet extremely durable 100% cotton in two types depending on the collection. Thinner and flexible fabric of soft and glossy cotton yarn creates a good fitting feeling as if it contains the air. Strong binding collar withstands repeated washing, the more you put on, the more comfortable it will become. The selected T-shirts having beautiful silhouette line for adults. 100% COTTON / MADE IN JAPAN.

PLEASE NOTE : Our sizes are for Japanese, for standard US sizes, consider one size LARGER than your normal size, ie: If you are usually a MEDIUM (M), then consider our LARGE (L) sized T-shirt. Please understand that there is a discrepancy of 1-2 cm (0.5-1.0 inch) depending on the preservation conditions due to the property of cotton knit.


Size Length Width Sleeve
S 59 (23) 43.5 (17) 17 (6.5)
M 66 (26) 46 (18) 19 (7.5)
L 68 (27) 49.5 (19.5) 20 (8)
LL 72 (28.5) 51.5 (20.5) 22 (8.5)
3L 75 (29.5) 55 (21.5) 22.5 (9)
/ cm (inch)


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